Mitsubishi Mr. Slim Ductless Heat Pumps

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Mitsubishi Mr. Slim™ M-Series ductless heat pumps are the standard in which all other units are compared to within the industry. The reliability and craftsmanship of Mitsubishi units are superb!  Mitsubishi has topped customer satisfaction ratings in both performance and experience offering units from 6,000 to 41,000Btu/h with efficiencies of up to 26 SEER! With a factory warranty of 10 years compressor and 6 years parts.


Mitsubishi Mr. Slim heat pumps do both heating and cooling so you can use them year-round to ensure optimum temperature comfort. Stylish, compact, quiet, and energy efficient, there is a Mr. Slim unit that is right for you.


Canadian Flag


Mitsubishi HyperHeat ductless heat pump is designed specifically for the Canadian climate and differs from units available in the United States or else where. These Canadian units are designed and shipped with low ambient heating and cooling options, which are pre-installed and ready to use right out of the box.



dB Graph


Mitsubishi ductless systems are so quiet, you may not even notice it's on. Due to large fan designs in the indoor units, Mitsubishi is able to reduce the amount of noise generated while maintaining large airflow rates. Mitsubishi ductless units are super quiet and suitable for recording studio applications and other areas where minimal noise generation is important.


Catechin Plus Filter



All Mitsubishi ductless units have catechin plus air purifying and anti-allergy blue enzyme filters to eliminate bacteria, deodorize and kill viruses in the air. The filters also trap dust, pollens, mites and other particles which can cause allergic reactions. These filters are washable and last for the life of the system.

 i-see Sensor  

Mitsubishi's i-see Sensors see more then just room temperature. Equally important factors for feeling comfortable include radiant temperature, air movements, humidity and more. The i-see sensors measure radiant hot and cold spots within the room and focus airflow into those spots. This revolutionary system also controls the air movement and humidity levels, producing a much more comfortable environment then ever before.
(MSZ-FE09NA and MSZ-FE12NA  models only)


Mitsubishi Heat Pump still heats when -25 degree celcius outside!


Mr. Slim outdoor units now have an extended heating range. The MSZ-GE units provide heating even when it as cold as -20ºC outside! The MSZ-FE units go even further operating at temperatures as low as -25ºC continually providing heat on even the coldest of winter days. Mitsubishi units are tweaked especially for the Canadian climate to provide the best performance possible!


VCSi Technology


The variable compressor speed inverter (VCSi) technology adjusts the heat pumps capacity in response to differences between the indoor and outdoor temperatures, which allows Mitsubishi heat pumps to run more efficiently and reduce energy costs. By controlling the compressor rotation speed more precisely, VCSi technology provides high-speed cooling and heating with extra energy savings compared to conventional models.




Mitsubishi has utilized this 'ozone-friendly' refrigerant since 2006 for all of their ductless models. Unlike R22, R410A does not contribute to ozone depletion so you can do your part in keeping the earth an enjoyable place for generations to come.


wireless remote for mitsubishi mr.slim units


Easier to use than most TV remotes, the wireless controller features a large and easy-to-read display, and lets you adjust fan speed and output modes from anywhere in the room. (Available with wall-mounted or floor-standing models)

Also available for multi-head systems is the new wireless remote control.