System Designers

Douglas Pope
Red Seal Refrigeration Technician & Electrical FSR

Doug is the brains behind the operation. He is a very hard worker and will always try to help you out. He loves kiteboarding and lived in Ireland for 4 years. He is an entrepeneur and also started a surf instruction company in Mexico. 

Eric Rasberry
System Designer

Eric is very helpful in many ways not only is he a great system designer he is also a great personal forklift for the things the office staff cant pick up. He is married to his lovely wife Taylor.  

Rico Liu
System Designer

Rico Speaks perfect english except that he learned english going to school in Ireland for 6 years. But he’s worked hard and his Irish Brogue is now Canadian eh! Because Rico grew up in Beijing China his Mandarin is pretty good too. He used to sell Jets in China, so could probably get you a deal on a Jet if you have had a good year in business.

Office Staff

Hilton Wing
Office & Accounting Manager

Hilton is a licensed accountant. He gives us all a hard time about paperwork (because he loves us). If you need help with financing he is the man. He lived with his wife Shelley in Taiwan for 4 years. We have a running bet we can make him dance in the rain.

Molly Sidoroff

We are so excited! Molly has returned from being away in Australia, finally! She was missed by everyone at the office. Mol is quietly efficient in the office. She is excellent at following up with our customers. Molly loves answering phones at work and at home.

Leah Pope

Leah is very kind and will always try to help you out. She can always be found with family and loves Starbucks and grandkids.

Mairead Pope

No one answers the phone like Mairead. She gives a mean haircut and won a hair styling contest recently. Mairead likes australians, wakeboarding and "surfing".

Despite the fact that she has moved all the way to Australia, she facetimes her mom Leah every day to plan her wedding.

Marie Schamerhorn

Marie is a wonderful addition to our office staff, always happy and willing to go an extra step for our customers. She loves her hubby, her friends and cooking. 

Isabella Coulter

Isabella is always pleasant on the phone and always tries to go the extra mile to help our customers. She is married to Mason and loves photography.

Field Staff

Brock Timmer
Red Seal Refrigeration Technician

Brock is a journeyman tech, he is great with ductwork! He also likes playing his guitar.

Mason Sidoroff
Red Seal Refrigeration & Gas Technician

Mason is our quiet genius. He won an electronic skills competition. He loves his wife Jessica, Memes and Tim Hortons. Mason also knows sign language.

Brenda Gustavson
Red Seal Refrigeration, Gas Technician & Electrical FSR

Brendatron is the companies biggest cheerleader. She is extremely loyal and smart - many customers ask for her by name. Brenda loves Las Vegas. She has a flight simulator that takes up an entire room at home.

Dominic Fantillo
Third Year Apprentice

Dom is affectionately known as Smiley - the guy has never had a bad day. He loves Hockey & Hawaii.

Caleb Kimball

Caleb is a great team player. Caleb is great at organization and being super reliable! 

Tyson Kimball

Tyson is one of our first year apprentices. He is extremely good at detailed work and is always going the extra mile to help people.

Don Scott

Donny is the man on the wrenches! He is married to Sheila and has some great cooking skills. He loves road trips to install new A/C systems on commercial Sites around BC. He has an amazing pool and hot tub - so try to get an invite. 

Levi Seib
Install Assistant & Warehouse Organizer

Levi is a very pleasant guy to be around. He is a hard worker and takes care of a lot of our shop maintenance.