Fujitsu Ductless Air Conditioning and Heating


Fujitsu has been making ductless air conditioners and heat pump systems for over 30 years. Fujitsu is known for their reliability and experience in the ductless field so you can take comfort in knowing your investment is money well spent. Offering heat-pump systems from 9,000Btu/h to 36,000Btu/h with efficiencies of up to 21 SEER! We offer single and multi-head units. Fujitsu offers a factory warranty of 6 years compressor and 2 years parts.


Fujitsu has introduced ‘Inverter‘ circuits since their 2006/07 season models. By utilizing inverter circuits in many of their ductless units, Fujitsu is able to provide optimum power control and very efficient operation. The capacity of the system is dependent on the temperature of the area. As soon as the heat pump is turned on, the inverter provides the power needed to rapidly cool the area. When maximum capacity is not needed, the power of the system is decreased resulting in increased system efficiency.


Fujitsu has utilized this ‘ozone-friendly‘ refrigerant since their 2006/07 year ductless models. Unlike R22, R410A does not contribute to ozone depletion so you can do your part for a cleaner world.


The Plasma Air Filter is a high-performance electronic air cleaner that removes dust and odor, thereby improving air quality.