FortisBC Rebates

Rebates for combination heat and hot water systems now available

a. New construction: qualifying combination systems are eligible for a $1200 rebate

b. Home renovation: qualifying combination systems are eligible for a $1200 rebate. In addition, they will automatically qualify for the Two Upgrade Bonus of $300 through the Home Renovation Rebate, for a total amount of $1500

c. Qualifying combination systems must be listed on ENERGY STAR and meet the following efficiency rating:

i. ≥94% AFUE ENERGY STAR combination boiler systems

ii. ≥80% TPF P9 Tested Combo systems

d. Tile ads for combination systems are being developed and will be distributed when ready

e. Combination systems have been incorporated into the boiler application form.

Furnace and Boiler replacement program updates

a. Our boiler rebate is increasing from $500 to $1000.

b. The updated Boiler& Combination System application form is attached, along with an updated Furnace rebate application form.

c. Reminder to sign our 2018-2019 Furnace & Boiler Replacement Programs Contractor Terms and Conditions in order to be eligible for a $100 contractor incentive for each eligible installation. If you have not already done so, you can review and sign them here. For those of you who have already signed these terms and conditions in the summer/late 2018, you do not need to re-sign.

ENERGY STAR Furnace and boiler model directory updates

a. Our furnace and boiler model directories are going through some spring cleaning with ineligible models being removed as of April 1st, 2019.

b. What this means:

i. Any models that were previously on our qualifying list, that are no longer listed on ENERGY STAR will be removed

ii. We will continue to update our qualifying model lists on a monthly basis. Any models that have been removed from ENERGY STAR in the previous month will be removed from our list.

iii. We will be honoring the rebate for the removed models on applications with invoice dates prior to April 1st, 2019.

New Home program updates

a. In addition to rebates for combination heat and hot water systems, we now offer a $250 rebate on qualifying drain water heat recovery systems.

b. Attached is the updated new home appliance application that reflects these new offers.

Because BC is growing rapidly, laws and regulations change constantly. Please contact us to make sure these are the most up-to-date rebates.

Please visit the link below to view all of the current rebates and promotions:

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