Indoor Air Quality

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Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality has several negative side effects. It can damage not only your health but also your home and belongings due to excessive moisture, temperature swings, mold or VOC’s. One of our consultants would be happy to sort through the options available with you.

If you have poor indoor air quality there are several ways we can help you:

Identify the Problem

What’s in your Air?  Let’s find out! We can set up an AirAdvice air quality monitor in your home.  It will provide you with an accurate report on Chemicals, VOC’s, Airborne Particles, Humidity, and Temperature swings. We can then offer you recommendations based on our findings.


Your furnace likely came with a filter. That filter likely doesn’t catch much! Furnace filters are designed to protect the equipment not actually clean the air. We can provide MERV rated filters which will keep your equipment and supply ducting sparkling for years to come.  This will catch the particles in the air.

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Mold, pollen, smoke, bad smells can all be handled with an air purifier. This can either be added to your ducting or a standalone unit for your room or living area. These units use UVA technology to destroy or neutralize all that nasty stuff in your air you can’t see. They are proven to work through 3rdparty independent studies. We provide Sanuvox UV lights, York germicidal lights and Lennox PureAir systems to purify the air.


Older heating systems may overheat a house rapidly and then cool down quickly. This can be due to improper sizing and old technology or just plain neglected equipment.  If the equipment is sized correctly we can either bring your old equipment up to today’s standards or replace it with a new system. New technology provides even temperatures and acts like cruise control to keep your home comfy throughout.


Today’s houses are becoming more and more tightly constructed to reduce energy costs. An adequate ventilation system that also brings in fresh air is becoming more important than ever. Efficient ventilation also exchanges heat from exhaust air to your fresh air coming into the house. We offer Heat Recovery Ventilation systems by Eneready, Fantech and Energy Recovery Ventilation by LossNay.


If you have a moisture issue in your home the best thing to do is to seal up your home with proper vapor barriers and sealing, in some cases this is not enough though. We supply and install both humidifiers and dehumidifiers. We also provide humidity control for pools and spas as well.