EfficiencyBC offers BC homeowners BIG rebates!

Rebates available to improve your home’s efficiency are constantly changing. This can be very frustrating and time consuming to sift through if you are not dealing with these programs every day. Luckily our awesome staff at ServiceXCEL DO deal with the new rebates every day (we even sit through courses to get down to the nitty-gritty details) and they are very happy to help you find the MAX rebates you are entitled to! This includes rebates from efficiencyBC, Fortis, BC hydro, manufacturers, municipalities as well as in-house strata rebates.

Below is a list of some of the  available efficiencyBC rebate ServiceXCEL can provide:

  • Ductless Heat Pump $1000-$2000 off
  • Ducted Heat Pump $2000 off
  • Furnace $500-$700 off
  • Gas Hot Water $200-$1000 off
  • Heat Pump Hot Water $1000 off
  • Fireplace $300 off
    • 2 UPGRADE BONUS $300

Other rebates are also available depending on your location. Rebates like these tend to go quickly as it is free money (way to stick it to the man!) We are anticipating our busiest year ever in 2019 so the sooner you reach out to us, the more time you will have to make an informed decision!

Please call ServiceXCEL at (250) 760-0898 and we will happily research the rebates YOU will get.

We are your one stop shop for rebates, we will even handle the paperwork!

PS: Don’t forget to ask if manufacturers offer seasonal rebates as well.

Mention that you read this whole blog and Tristan promised a $50 BONUS Rebate from ServiceXCEL on your installation because you are awesome. See, we are friends saving you money already!!!