Our People

System Designers

Douglas Pope

Red Seal Refrigeration Technician & Electrical FSR

Doug is the brains behind the operation. He is a very hard worker and treats his employees like family. Some fun facts about Doug:  he lived in Ireland for 4 years, started a surf instruction company in Mexico and enjoys kiteboarding.

Eric Rasberry

TECA System Designer
Eric is your source for the latest technology and upgrade incentives. He is great with simplifying complex subjects and making them easy to understand. Eric can provide great custom solutions for even the stuffiest, hard to deal with…uhm…buildings. This hardworking family man is married to his lovely wife, Taylor.

Tristan Pope 

CTech Mechanical Engineering, Red Seal Refrigeration, Gasfitter & Electrical FSR

Tristan was invited to beta test a TECA course and also worked in the Caribbean. He won “Outstanding Employee” award from the BBB.
Tristan loves to surf and skateboard and drags his poor wife Miranda and 2 kids Elie & Cahlie to watch their rad dad.

john mcquaid

John McQuaid

System Designer
John has a Mechanical background in Solar and other environmentally friendly technologies. A true west coaster, John splits his time between the mid-island and Ucluelet & Tofino. John is detail oriented, and you’ll see him using a pencil and paper (!) jotting down notes.

Office Staff


Office Manager, CPA (chartered professional accountant)

Hilton gives us all a hard time about paperwork (because he loves us). He lived with his wife Shelley in Taiwan for 4 years. We have a running bet we can make him dance in the rain.

leah pope


COO (Chief Of Other stuff)

Leah takes care of all the stuff no-one else wants to! She is very kind and will always try to help you out. She is often caught at Costco buying way too much coffee. She spends her free time with family, loves coffee with a good crema and hanging out with her grandkids. Song that describes her: ABBA – Dancing Queen



Cameo is always smiling and a friendly voice on the phone. Cameo can be found adventuring in the North and riding her bike. Ask her about her sweet V dub camper van!



Isabella is always pleasant on the phone and always tries to go the extra mile to help our customers. She and her husband Mason love adventuring and trying new things.
servicexcel employee taking a call in the office


Receptionist & Office Assistant

Molly is a well seasoned Servicexcel Office Staff Member.  Knowing the ins and outs of how an HVAC business runs she a go-to consultant. Her and her Aussie Hubby, Kaleb love adventuring together.



Desiree can be found diligently helping our dear customers and always seeing the positive in every situation.

Field Staff


Red Seal Refrigeration & Gas Technician

Brock is a terrific troubleshootin’ top tech! His many fans throw flowers in the streets as his van approaches. Our customers know he will take care of their problems. He also likes playing his 🎸guitar .


Red Seal Refrigeration & Gas Technician
Sean is an experienced tradesman and even better – he is a happy and hard working guy. He is patient and diligent to complete tasks for our customers. He likes to work out so make sure to ask him how much he lifts.


Registered Refrigeration 3rd Year Apprentice

Levi is breaking necks and cashing cheques as they say (don’t they?) He is a veteran installer and knows how to get things done on schedule! He is passionate about building surfboards and is incredibly talented at it! Check out his surfboards and skateboards “Seib Surfboards”


Registered Refrigeration 3rd Year Apprentice

Josh is an awesome technician here at ServiceXCEL, he is passionate about good quality clothing and coffee. Everyone has the kindest things to say about him, his work ethic and his personality.


Red Seal Refrigeration, Gas Technician & Electrical FSR

Paul is a gentleman, known for bringing the office staff coffee.  He handles a lot of our maintenance work and is always looking for ways to benefit the homeowner or building managers he works with.


Registered Apprentice & Sheet Metal Technician

Tyler is one smart dude, he can design and build custom ductwork!  Tyler is the strong silent type (sorry ladies, he’s taken)


Technician (certified in secure facilities)

Jegger has that farm boy strength to get the job done.  He is extremely good at detailed work and is always going the extra mile to help people. He works on our critical infrastructure projects across British Columbia. He’s easy to identify as you’ll definitely hear him singing your least-favourite songs as loud as he can on the job.

Don Scott


Red Seal Mechanic
Donny is the man on the wrenches! He has some great cooking skills too. He loves edge of your seat driving on road trips to install new A/C systems on commercial sites around BC.


Red Seal Mechanic
A hardworking team member with dedication to his work and our clients. Aaron is a very hard worker who clearly communicates the job and he sure gets a lot of praise from our customers!


You could be our next ServiceXCEL family member. We can’t promise anyone will marry you, but you can at least be treated like Family! Please check our Current job openings here.