Angie & Harvey S.

In July 2012 you serviced our heat pump, did a good job, and made a couple of very good recommendations. Everything has been 100%, until a few days ago, and we noticed the fan stopped and there was a humming sound. Of course this had to happen during our cold snap.

Today, Doug and his apprentice arrived and quickly diagnosed the ‘problem’, and we were operating at our 100% level. It was such a relief to know that there was nothing deficient in the system-just us not remembering about the defrost cycle.

Your guys explained it, showed me how it functions, gave me instructions regarding snow/ice clearance, and were off to their next call.

The parting ‘no charge’ bill, was a surprise and really appreciated. You can be sure we will recommend your service to our friends and neighbors, and will be a loyal client of Servicexcel in the future.

The new compressor blanket will be our next addition to the system.

With your exemplary service, and wonderful technicians, I expect your success in Nanaimo is assured for the long term.