Paul and Therese C.

As I write this, our new heat pump purrs awsy quietly in the background – what a difference from its predecessor that kept the neighbourhood awake at night, by turns roaring into life and spluttering into quietness, scaring away a generation of kids at Halloween!

As heat pump owners of many years standing, we knew what to look out for and what to avoid when researching a new heat pump. Given our previous experience (high running cost, extreme noise, poor heat output – especially at below-freezing temperatures), our top priority was to find a heat pump that would quietly deliver maximum heat at the lowest possible cost.

Predictably, our quest started with the standard, run-of-the-mill one and two stage heat pumps, but our research soon revealed that choosing one’s installer is just as or even more important than one’s equipment choice. At first, we couldn’t understand why this should be so but further digging revealed that a huge number of problems experienced with heat pump installations – not only in the early years but later, when compressors start failing – are directly related to poor or sloppy installation practices.

How lucky we were that Servicexcel decided to extend operations to Powell River, and how fortunate it was that they filed the article on their company that had appeared in the local press some month’s previously. Your initial visit told us two things:

1. You were thoroughly professional in your approach and, more importantly, you cared for your customers and the quality of your work.

2. As the number one Mitsubishi heat pump installer in BC, you could give us access to advanced technology that we had heretofore only dreamed of.

The rest was easy: as if your one-year money back guarantee doesn’t say enough about your confidence in your workmanship, our visit to one of your installations told us everything about the quality of your work; our independent research and the brochures you left with us told us all we wanted to kmnow about the product itself; and our personal interactions with told us that you were the kind of people we wanted to do business with.

The installation itself has been a dream, with you and Nathan going the extra mile in so many ways: we were blown away by the fact that, not once but many times, you made some changes and did some work that we hadn’t expected just because that was “the right way” to do things and because your reputation was on the line.

You may interested to know what sold us on the equipment itself:

Mitsubishi’s inverter compressor technology was a key factor: after all, why settle for a simple on or off two-stage compressor when you can have what is in effect a infinite range of stages delivering an entire range of efficiencies and comfort.

For us especially – given that the heat pump is situated directly under our en-suite bathroom window – a major selling point is the amazing reduction in noise levels from both the heat pump and the air handler.

We love the idea of a far more efficient defrosting technology that enables the heat pump to run longer without defrosting and to recover quickly thereafter. This was a major bugbear with our previous heat pump.

Given how high our heating bills had been previously – and for very poor comfort levels at that – the efficiency of the system was critically important. It’s good to know that we now have a system that efficiently can deliver sufficient warmth at well-below-freezing temperatures without calling for auxiliary heat.

Having studied the innards of the Mitsubishi during the course of our visit to your earlier installation, we were very impressed by the quality of its build compared with that of the North American ones on offer – simply chalk and cheese!

We enjoyed having you and Nathan in our home and are grateful for the patient and good-humored way in which you fielded my endless questions and challenges – all, I might add, with clear, thoughtful answers that completely covered the issue at hand.

Please feel free to use this feedback in ay way you choose and to bring potential clients to see our unti in operation – we would be delighted to have the opportunity to share our good fortune with them.

Now to find some other way to scare the kids at Halloween time . . .

With kind regards,

PS: the SanuVox UV air purification system you installed is also paying unexpected dividends: we bought it for its ability to kill off bacteria, etc. but find that it significantly ameliorates the burning smell from the ubiquitous wood fires in our neighbourhood – a major boon to Therese expecially!