The ServiceXCEL Family

System Designers


Red Seal Refrigeration Technician & Electrical FSR

Doug is the brains behind the operation. He is a very hard worker and treats his employees like family. Some fun facts about Doug:  he lived in Ireland for 4 years, started a surf instruction company in Mexico and enjoys kiteboarding. He serves on a HVAC controls team for Canada and volunteers in Africa with his wife Leah.


TECA System Designer
Eric is your source for the latest technology and upgrade incentives. He is great with simplifying complex subjects and making them easy to understand. Eric can provide great custom solutions for even the stuffiest, hard to deal with…uhm…buildings. This hardworking family man is married to his lovely wife, Taylor.
john mcquaid


System Designer
John has a Mechanical background in Solar and other environmentally friendly technologies. A true west coaster, John splits his time between the mid-island and Ucluelet & Tofino. John is detail oriented, and you’ll see him using a pencil and paper (!) jotting down notes.


CTech Mechanical Engineering, Red Seal Refrigeration, Gasfitter & Electrical FSR

Tristan was invited to beta test a TECA course and also worked in the Caribbean. He won “Outstanding Employee” award from the BBB.
Tristan loves to surf and skateboard and drags his poor wife Miranda and 2 kids Elie & Cahlie to watch their rad dad.

Office Staff


Accounting Controller, CPA (chartered professional accountant)

Hilton gives us all a hard time about paperwork (because he loves us). He lived with his wife Shelley in Taiwan for 4 years. We have a running bet we can make him dance in the rain.

leah pope


COO (Chief Of Other stuff)

Leah takes care of all the stuff no-one else wants to! She is very kind and will always try to help you out. She is often caught at Costco buying way too much coffee. She spends her free time with family, loves coffee with a good crema and hanging out with her grandkids. Song that describes her: ABBA – Dancing Queen


Office Manager
Cameo is always smiling and loves to find a solution for every customer. She can be found adventuring for two things: to find great people or to enjoy the great outdoors. Even better if they are together. Ask her about her sweet V dub camper van!


Receptionist & Office Assistant

Caitlin is our creative mind. Her attention to detail and kind heart make her the perfect person to help customers. She has many skills but one of her passions is flowers. You have never seen a more beautiful arrangement than one that she has made. So while she is a perfect office addition, you can also find her assisting brides to have the wedding they always dreamed of.


Receptionist & Rebate Specialist
Our true west coast girl. You can find her boating or camping(even in the rain) with her husband Jo and beautiful family. Kaleigh is caring and organized, so when you are overwhelmed with the rebate process, she is your girl. If you pop into the office, you will most likely hear her laughing. It is infectious -we dare you not to smile.


Warehouse & Ordering Manager
Katie is our mighty mouse in the warehouse. She is extremely organized and also tough! She is known to throw units around in the warehouse like she’s playing Tetris. Katie also coordinates installation packages and measures up projects. She has a TECA certification under her belt and years of construction experience. In her free time, you will find her volunteering on non profit construction projects.


Office & Job Site Assistant
Asia is our everything girl. Due to her many talents, you might have her answer your phone call or perhaps she will show up with the onsite crew. She is also a great snowboarder and nice person. She’s so nice she might actually be TOO nice. Asia has 2 kids and a husband named tiny Nick.


Accounting Clerk
Claire is in data entry, and she has proved to be accurate and efficient! Hiltons right-hand woman in the office. She is usually hiding at the back of the office (the rest of us tend to be a bit distracting when numbers is your game) but she is always ready with a one liner when we least expect it to keep us all laughing.


Warehouse Assistant
Dafydd (davith) is a welsh warehouse wizard. He is the Robin to Katies Batman. Dafydd is a really nice young guy who is super reliable and hard working. The office girls have adopted him as their little brother and they say he has great taste in music. While this could be true, we also think he might just be picking things they like, he is just that nice!

HVAC Technicians


Red Seal Refrigeration & Gas Technician

Brock is a smart technician with a mechanical mind. He loves to find the source of a problem and takes great care in fixing it. His many fans throw flowers in the streets as his van approaches. He is also TECA certified. On his days off you might find him playing his ?guitar or driving his monster truck.


Red Seal Refrigeration & Gas Technician
Sean is an experienced tradesman and even better – he is a happy and hard working guy. He is patient and diligent to complete tasks for our customers. He likes to work out so make sure to ask him how much he lifts.



Levi is breaking necks and cashing cheques as they say (don’t they?) He is a skilled installer and knows how to get things done on schedule! He is passionate about building surfboards and is incredibly talented at it! Check them out at “Seib Surfboards”.


Red Seal Refrigeration Technician

Matt! Matt! Matt! Our fans love Matt. Matt used to live up north and is an avid camper. Matt is a very smart guy and has survival training. Matt and his wife and kids are an amazing addition to our family and community here.



When first asked what he did for fun he said he “watches videos to learn more about HVAC and the latest equipment and tools”- seemed like a lie but he meant it. We have learned that is he is the best balance of smart, diligent and fun. He can do a backflip on his BMX, enough said.


Red Seal Technician 

Jason is the man in the cube van. A sheet metal enthusiast if you will. Recently moved to Nanaimo and family man at the core. We are thrilled to have him join this team!


Cory is not to be confused with master Jedi electrician Korey, so we came up with a very original name – Core. Because he is hardcore into HVAC. Core is a quiet, friendly and efficient worker.


Josh is a super talented technician that we are proud to have on our team. He loves playing his guitar, playing sports and a good cup of coffee. Pretty soon you will see his passion project driving around town -The Automobean.


(2) HVAC apprentices
This could be your time to make a career move, shoot us an email!


Technician (certified in secure facilities)

Jegger has that farm boy strength to get the job done.  He is extremely good at detailed work and is always going the extra mile to help people. He works on our critical infrastructure projects across British Columbia. He’s easy to identify as you’ll definitely hear him singing your least-favourite songs as loud as he can on the job.


Red Seal Gasfitter
Manuel is our Pilipino secret weapon. He has worked on all aspects of equipment and is a very knowledgeable guy and quick problem solver. He lives a few blocks away from the office so he has no choice but to work for us.



Red Seal Electrician
The SparkDog OG. Korey has experience with controls systems for critical infrastructure. Korey is a good time and has a willing spirit to take on any project.


Electrical Apprentice
Is it you? Shoot us an email.


You could be our next ServiceXCEL family member. We can’t promise anyone will marry you, but you can at least be treated like Family! Please check our Current job openings here.

Audrey Primavera
Audrey Primavera
Brock Trimmer came and installed a brand new heat pump. He put carpeting down inside our home when installing the unit on the wall and vacuumed up after he was done. He did an outstanding job and told us all about our heat pump unit. He set up the remote for us on auto, and as seniors, this was very helpful for us. Friendly and efficient, we absolutely enjoyed the experience of the heat pump installation.
Irene Pady
Irene Pady
Very good service technicians Matt and Dillion neat clean and a job well done!
Ava Scrase
Ava Scrase
Hats off to Servicexcel: Paul did a fantastic job of executing the work we’d been quoted to repair our Heat Pump, and the repairs came in under budget. He was professional and courteous while explaining the work required and conducting the repairs at our home, and I will have no hesitation in using you folks again for future requirements. Thanks again for looking after our family’s needs – have a great weekend all!
Sylvia Dunn
Sylvia Dunn
We would like to acknowledge the young men whom we had the pleasure of meeting and the excellent job they did installing our new AC and gas furnace. They went above and beyond their jobs, working on an exceptionally hot day well into over eight hours, leaving only when the job was thoroughly and efficiently done. We are now relaxing in a comfortable home thanks to Eric, Aaron and Levi. We would certainly recommend your company and the fine employees to our friends.
Tamara Cameron
Tamara Cameron
Sean and Josh were friendly and professional. Really knew their stuff!
Bill McRitchie
Bill McRitchie
The two technicians who installed our ductless heat pump system were Matt and Levi. The electrician was Raul. All three of these men demonstrated outstanding workmanship, knowledge and patience with a willingness to provide information on work to be carried out as well, as instruction in system operation. They are a credit to Servicexcel.
Nathan Jones-Dill
Nathan Jones-Dill
We used service excel because we had heard so much about them And Isabella was just so helpful and friendly. They came to install our heat pump when they said they would and that means a lot to me .Mason was very professional. As soon as he showed up he got right to work and got the job done even though it meant putting in a long day. Good work service excel!
Had a heat pump installed with 1 hiccup and the staff (installers, electrician, office staff) all handles the situation in a really professional manner... Will definitely use them again when I add additional units to the house. Thanks again!
Michael Simard
Michael Simard
Yes, they excel in service! Brock and Kent were polite, expertise and efficient. Great company from first call to end result. Michael
Janet W.
Janet W.
Everything about dealing with ServicExcel was a great experience. The customer service reps on the phone (Cameo and Jennifer) were both wonderful and even organized all the rebate paperwork for me. Eric who gave me my quote explained the options and procedures fully and patiently answered all my questions. The installation team (Aaron, Raoul and Jude) were cheerful and efficient and cleaned up after themselves so well I couldn't tell they were even in my house... except for the fabulous cool air coming from my brand new heat pump! I would recommend these folks in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to switch from a gas furnace to a heat pump system.