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Best Heat Pumps for Vancouver Island

What are the best heat pumps for BC homes?

We often have people walk into our head office in Nanaimo who can’t seem to find a straight answer to which heat pump would work best for them.

The truth is heat pumps have been around for many decades and there are new options coming out every year. Our family has been installing heat pumps on Vancouver Island since the 1970’s!

The “Best”  Heat Pump Equipment to us would cover these bases:

  • Cold Weather Performance
  • Technology
  • Reliable
  • Quiet
  • Efficient

The “Best” Heat Pump installation to us would cover:

  • Cleanliness
  • Engineered and Designed correctly
  • Punctual, Friendly & Smart Installers
  • Quick
  • All inclusive price for a custom solution
  • Paperwork all completed for you

The Best Heat Pump is not a brand, it is a good quality one that is engineered and installed correctly.

Heat Pumps can be categorized as:

Geothermal Heat Pumps that absorb heat from the ground or a body of water via a loop or a series of deep drilled holes. They have the potential to be the most efficient to operate. An engineered geothermal Heat Pump has the highest efficiency potential when engineered and installed correctly. Due to the complex engineering and installation cost, these systems tend to be for very large homes, commercial and district heating. Beware: These systems are often not designed or installed correctly. It is extremely difficult to change the design afterwards. We would recommend these systems be designed only by a professional mechanical engineer.
We like the VRF indoor units from Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps paired with a geothermal Loop. These units can easily do domestic hot water as well. Nordic Heat Pumps are a good Canadian-made option.

Cold Climate Heat Pumps (Advanced Air Source) which absorb heat from ambient air down to approximately -30C. These units can be sized with or without back up heat to Nanaimo and surrounding areas winter design temperatures. These units utilize inverter technology and DC fans which are all very quiet. We really like the Japanese equipment  Mitsubishi Zuba Central and Zuba Multi as it was designed for Canada and the Mitsubishi P series units. Fujitsu also makes very efficient cold climate units. Bryant/Carrier GreenSpeed has full output to -8C and is another good North American manufacturer.

Air Source Heat Pumps that rely on a secondary heat source in freezing weather. These are the most common systems. This is very competitive with many good brands. We like the quiet units from Lennox, Bryant/Carrier, Rheem, Mitsubishi Electric, Fujitsu as well as many other major brands. Avoid brands you have never heard of, they most likely do not have a good support system in place in Canada.

The indoor unit options can fit any home or commercial building, these include:

  • Ducted System with Electric Air Handler
  • Ductless
  • Hydronic Heat Pump
  • Hot Water Tank Heat Pump
  • Ducted Dual Fuel Heat Pump and Natural Gas or Propane Furnace
  • VRF/VRV with a combination of ducted/ductless

Heat Pumps can work with other products to control humidity, air quality, and advanced programming and control.

The winner of The Best Heat Pump Is…..(drumroll!)

A custom, correctly sized solution for your home that is installed correctly!!!

*In our experience (very biased!) the Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pumps have been the best and most reliable brand for us.
This really is a biased opinion as there are other excellent brands but we have been installing them for decades (they came to Canada in 1979) and seen them outlast many of the competitors. They have units designed for Canada with the best cold climate performance. Please reach out to us and we can explain further details regarding heating performance, decibel ratings and why you can trust our family to do the job right!

Audrey Primavera
Audrey Primavera
Brock Trimmer came and installed a brand new heat pump. He put carpeting down inside our home when installing the unit on the wall and vacuumed up after he was done. He did an outstanding job and told us all about our heat pump unit. He set up the remote for us on auto, and as seniors, this was very helpful for us. Friendly and efficient, we absolutely enjoyed the experience of the heat pump installation.
Irene Pady
Irene Pady
Very good service technicians Matt and Dillion neat clean and a job well done!
Ava Scrase
Ava Scrase
Hats off to Servicexcel: Paul did a fantastic job of executing the work we’d been quoted to repair our Heat Pump, and the repairs came in under budget. He was professional and courteous while explaining the work required and conducting the repairs at our home, and I will have no hesitation in using you folks again for future requirements. Thanks again for looking after our family’s needs – have a great weekend all!
Sylvia Dunn
Sylvia Dunn
We would like to acknowledge the young men whom we had the pleasure of meeting and the excellent job they did installing our new AC and gas furnace. They went above and beyond their jobs, working on an exceptionally hot day well into over eight hours, leaving only when the job was thoroughly and efficiently done. We are now relaxing in a comfortable home thanks to Eric, Aaron and Levi. We would certainly recommend your company and the fine employees to our friends.
Tamara Cameron
Tamara Cameron
Sean and Josh were friendly and professional. Really knew their stuff!
Bill McRitchie
Bill McRitchie
The two technicians who installed our ductless heat pump system were Matt and Levi. The electrician was Raul. All three of these men demonstrated outstanding workmanship, knowledge and patience with a willingness to provide information on work to be carried out as well, as instruction in system operation. They are a credit to Servicexcel.
Nathan Jones-Dill
Nathan Jones-Dill
We used service excel because we had heard so much about them And Isabella was just so helpful and friendly. They came to install our heat pump when they said they would and that means a lot to me .Mason was very professional. As soon as he showed up he got right to work and got the job done even though it meant putting in a long day. Good work service excel!
Had a heat pump installed with 1 hiccup and the staff (installers, electrician, office staff) all handles the situation in a really professional manner... Will definitely use them again when I add additional units to the house. Thanks again!
Michael Simard
Michael Simard
Yes, they excel in service! Brock and Kent were polite, expertise and efficient. Great company from first call to end result. Michael
Janet W.
Janet W.
Everything about dealing with ServicExcel was a great experience. The customer service reps on the phone (Cameo and Jennifer) were both wonderful and even organized all the rebate paperwork for me. Eric who gave me my quote explained the options and procedures fully and patiently answered all my questions. The installation team (Aaron, Raoul and Jude) were cheerful and efficient and cleaned up after themselves so well I couldn't tell they were even in my house... except for the fabulous cool air coming from my brand new heat pump! I would recommend these folks in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to switch from a gas furnace to a heat pump system.