Financing & Rebates- When Installing a Ductless Heat Pump

With an overwhelming amount of information out there right now we thought we would break down what is available to you. No doubt as a concerned Homeowner simply looking to lower your energy consumption and cash in on some incentives you will have some questions. As a company we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. That means we will be here for you every step of the way to make sure you are getting the best incentives possible.

Available Government Rebates

$1,000 if you install a mini- or multi-split heat pump in your home that is heated with electricity supplied by BC Hydro or or municipal utility provider.

$1,200 if you install a mini-split heat pump in your home that is heated with electricity supplied by FortisBC or municipal utility provider.

$2,000 if you install a multi-split heat pump in your home that is heated with electricity supplied by FortisBC or municipal utility provider.

$3,000 if you convert your fossil fuel heating system (oil, propane, or natural gas) to a mini- or multi-split heat pump.

Select municipalities have Municipal Offers of up to an additional $2,000 that can be accessed only when converting from fossil fuel heating (natural gas, oil, or propane) to an electric air-source heat pump.

Information is taken from Clean BC Site as of April 2020- These Rebates are available until fnds are exhausted. Please visit the Clean BC Website or Call us to find out more.

Servicexcel’s Customer Service Team will walk you thru this rebate assisting with the online form. Please note it is a very straight forward process and you can see your money back within a couple months after installation.

Manufacturer Rebates

Between April 15 2020 and July 31, 2020 if you purchase a Mitsubishi Product you can expect an additional INSTANT Rebate of between $300-$600.00 back. This will be deducted from your invoice. It depends on which system you purchase, how many interior unit and whether it is the Hyper Heat Model or not.


Low Interest Financing at No additional cost to you sounds pretty good right now. We are hearing of different offers and as things are moving very quick what we are doing is encouraging our customers to get a quote with our system designer. We can then find the best plan for you. You can check out your eligibility and look into applying with Fianceit. This will get the ball rolling to see what offers we can offer you.

For those switching from Fossil Fuel there are some no Interest Financing offers coming very soon. Stay tuned…

Is Now A Good Time to Switch to a Heat Pump?

With incentives being offered majorly right now and low or no interest financing if is something you have been considering the short answer is Yes. Why not cash in on some major money back- Up to $3600.00 back in an investment for your home. Lower those energy bills, have a comfortable summer and some extra to save for a Vacation or something else.

Still trying to figure out what in the world is a Heat Pump?

Don’t worry we have all been there.. With some help from our friends at Mitsubishi Electric we have a video that will help you to understand a bit more about the technology behind these amazing systems.

Call us today to discuss what is available to you. A free personalized Rebate & Financing Consultation may be just what you need.