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How the heck do I change a thermostat from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

We get asked this a lot!

There are thousands of different thermostats, remotes and controllers. We often get to work with thermostats that we have never seen before, but the following steps will help guide you!

A quick word of caution: on some thermostats, you may have to enter back into the initial “installation” mode and change the function settings. This is not recommended for a homeowner or building manager. Do not change installation settings without professional help or training as it is easy to change other settings which are potentially very damaging to the system. This means instead of a quick function setting change you could be creating more problems.

The good news is it is usually pretty simple. Here is what to do if you find yourself wishing you could switch the thermostat to show 70 instead of 20 or vice versa.

  • Put on some comfy slippers, have a cup of tea in a portable cup, grab your googling device, a Sani wipe and your stash of spare batteries.
  • Locate installation and user manuals and read thoroughly. If you don’t have a manual, google search the make + model number and you should easily find a PDF from the manufacturer’s site.
    • Quick Hack: If you are not sure of thermostats model number it is printed on the back of thermostat or on wall sub base.
  • (This is relating to low voltage thermostats – do not remove 120v thermostats) Gently remove the thermostat to read the model number. Line up carefully and carefully push back onto the wall (some may have hinges or screws)
  • Go to your thermostat and follow your manual’s instructions on how to switch from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
    • Quick Hack: This may be in the “settings” on your thermostat. It may be a dip switch on the back of control.
  • While you’re there might as well change your batteries to some fresh ones if it’s been a while 🔋
  • Clean your thermostat with a sanitizing wipe (they can get kinda gross over the years!) since you are already working so hard, why not go a little buck wild?

If you can’t figure it out, don’t stress! It’s no big deal. Next time you have a qualified technician out to your home or business for routine maintenance he or she would be more than happy to change those settings as well as reset any filter or other accessory reminders. Let us know beforehand and we can even print you the manuals you need for free! We’ve got your back.

We are always happy to chat about optimizing your system to your specifications. We can do crazy stuff like set up schedules, control your house from your phone, even come out and see if everything is running efficiently. You can reach out right now at 250-760-0898 or shoot us a quick email to and one of our friendly family members can assist you with a huge silly smile 😬😁😝