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Thermostats: The Brain of your HVAC system

The thermostat permits you to manage the temperature inside your home by managing how the cooling or heating system functions. Most thermostats regulate the heating and cooling operations of your HVAC system to keep temperatures within the ranges you specify so that your home stays comfortable for you and your family.

1. Simple ON/OFF Thermostats

An ON/OFF thermostat is easily the most basic one you can have.  These simple devices are basically switches that turn your HVAC system on and off.  Like light switches, these switches require you to manually turn them off or on, and will stay how you place them until they are again manually changed.  Somewhat more complicated thermostats allow you to set a temperature limit above or below which the cooling or heating system will be activated to maintain the temperature above or below the set limit.  More modern variations on this simple thermostat have an Automatic function that allows the user to set a temperature range, within which the HVAC unit will cool or heat the home to maintain the home within the specified range.

2. Programmable Thermostats

Programmable thermostats can be scheduled to automatically heat or cool at certain times of the day, within the set temperature range(s).  These thermostats can be set to have the house warm up before you get out of bed, or automatically have your bedrooms cool for nighttime. These will usually also have a separate fan switch to allow for continuous air circulation even when no heat is required. This is a useful feature to have if you have a high-quality air filter which will be cleaning the air 24/7. This constant air circulation also helps even out the temperature between rooms, reducing “hot” or “cold” zones within your home.

3. Smart Thermostat

The last few years have seen the introduction of advanced Smart Thermostats, which have a wide variety of functions and capabilities. Activity/motion sensors enable the thermostats to sense when people are actually in your house. Whenever the house is empty, the thermostats smartly modify the temperature to help you lower energy costs. These devices can also learn (or be programmed to know) when you frequently get home. The thermostat will then regulate the temperature to your desired level prior to your arrival so that you can always come home to a comfortable house.
Smart thermostats can be managed through the primary device itself, a mobile phone/tablet app, or even with your voice. These techniques provide ease of control of your HVAC unit and home temperature(s) regardless of where you are. Most models have additional features such as ‘vacation mode’, which lets you use the app to set your house at a less active, lower energy, less expensive temperature level.
Most Smart Thermostats can control several mini-split units simultaneously. For homes with multiple Split units, each of these units can be individually controlled both from the thermostat or from the mobile app. This is not only convenient but also quite cost-effective, allowing you to keep your HVAC system operations at the lowest possible level.
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