Like any other appliance in your home, your heat pump (which both cools and heats) requires regular maintenance. Proper operation saves you money. When compared to neglected equipment, a well-adjusted heat pump will save between 10% to 25% off your energy bills. Dirty filters, coils, and fans restrict airflow through the system, hampering performance, and possibly damaging the compressor. Without professional service, your heat pump will cost more to run, succumb to more frequent repairs, and fail to provide satisfactory comfort.


  • Gas, electric and zone heating installation
  • Ductless and high-velocity system installation
  • Custom ductwork and thermostat installation
  • Air and water sourced heat pump installation
  • Ducted/Ductless heat pump installation

Maintenance and Tune-Up


  • Broken or frozen heater and thermostat repairs
  • Heater filter replacement
  • Service for insufficient heating
  • Air and water sourced heat pump repair
  • Ductless, geothermal and high-velocity repairs
  • Custom ductwork repair


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