Historical Rebates Available!

If you live in British Columbia, there are a lot of rebates available from efficiencyBC, Fortis, BC hydro, manufacturers, municipalities as well as in-house strata rebates.

Up to $2000

Ductless Heat Pumps

Ductless Heat Pump
No ducts? No problem! Great rebates are available on select ductless air-source heat pumps.
Up to $2000

Ducted Heat Pumps

Ducted Heat Pump
Save money with these rebates while installing a new ducted heat pump.
Up to $700


Replace your old heating system with an eligible model.
Up to $1000

Water heater

Gas Hot Water
Install high-efficiency natural gas systems.
Up to $1000

Heat pump water

Heat Pump Hot Water
Upgrade to a high-efficiency electric heat pump water heater.
Up to $300


Gas Fireplace
If you’re buying a new natural gas fireplace for your home, townhouse or condominium, upgrade to an eligible EnerChoice® model.

Time is of the essence!

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Rebates are ever-changing, some expire before the others, and they are limited to a certain amount. Luckily, our awesome staff do deal with new rebates every day, and we are gonna get you the most out of it.

Get a custom quote on these systems and determine your total rebate eligibility.
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