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We love our customers and your referrals!

We love our customers and as a way to show our love for your referrals, we give our loyal customers $200 for every referred customer that purchases a system from us. Any ducted heat pump, air conditioner, furnace, generator, back up battery system, commercial project, ductless heat pump, ductless air conditioner or electrical service upgrade will work.

If you are recommending us for HVAC or electrical installation work on Vancouver Island – we appreciate you! It’s pretty simple. If you know someone who’s looking for a reliable, trustworthy & honest HVAC + electrical installation company, tell them about us and we’ll give you $200.00 when they have one installed through us. 

If they are a new customer to us, have them fill in the form on the right before their installation & mention your name and we will mail you a cheque! Prefer a gift card to somewhere else? We can make that happen too! If you are unsure if the customer or friend that you referred was also referred by someone else please contact us by phone or email. You and your friends are all recommending us and want to split it? oh yeah! That happens and we love it! We are happy to split the referral between you and send multiple gift cards.

If you are not sure about the process still or have other queries about the process and timeframe – please reach out to our friendly office staff to assist you at 250.760.0898. If you prefer email, please contact us.

(Note: For Vancouver Island customers only; this offer excludes small off-island communities, stratas, condos & apartments that already have preferred group pricing)
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Get Free Rebate Advice and a Free Quote

Rebates and Incentives Can Save You Money!

ServiceXCEL is the best place to discuss and engage in incentives and rebates: we have dedicated staff to offer support when trying to manage through all the hoops and red tape! We offer emotional support through the process of applying and will offer easy to understand advice on what will best work for you!

With your express permission, we can help you through each step of the way and make it all easy. We keep you cool for the hot rebates, allowing you to vent and make the process a breeze! After all, Heating, Venting and Cooling is already our expertise. Let’s apply it to your rebates process!

While we work with our customers to assist and educate about rebates, ServiceXCEL is not liable for any denied application.

CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program

The CleanBC Better Homes and Home Renovation Rebate Program is offering a rebate of up to $6,000 now for oil to a mini-split or multi-split air source heat pump.

$1,000 or $1,200 for replacing your electric heating system with a mini-split or multi-split heat pump.

$6,000 for replacing your oil, propane, or natural gas heating system with a mini-split or multi-split heat pump.

This upgrade can count towards the Two Upgrade Bonus or the Home Energy Improvement Bonus.

If you are considering a central heat pump system, click here for the incentive page on the Central System Air Source Heat Pump rebate.

Note: this will become the CleanBC Better Homes Energy Savings Program as of June 18th 2024. Income-qualified rebates will be available.
Because BC is growing rapidly, laws and regulations change constantly. Please contact us to make sure these are the most up-to-date rebates.

Other Promotions

Rebates may change monthly! There may be several rebates available to you:

Mitsubishi Rebates

Fujitsu Rebates

Daikin Rebates

Lennox Rebates

Bryant Rebates

Seasonal Manufacturers Rebates

At ServiceXCEL our office staff will walk you through the entire rebate process! From start to finish.

BC Hydro Rebates

Up to $9500.00 back after installing a qualifying ductless heat pump. For more information visit

Canada Greener Homes Grant
The Federal Government has announced changes to its Canada Greener Homes Grant and is no longer accepting applications after February 12, 2024. If you’ve already completed the online registration and have an application number, you’re encouraged to proceed with your retrofits and will still be eligible for funding and support. Click here on how to check your eligibility, submit a Grant Application, and more. The $40,000, 0% Canada Greener Homes loan and oil to heat pump rebates are still available.

BC Municipal Heat Pump Top Up Rebates
These rebates vary depending on your community, some are thousands of extra dollars in savings!

Fortis BC Rebates

Rebates for combination heat and hot water systems are now available from FortisBC.
New construction: qualifying combination systems are eligible for a  $1200 rebate
Home renovation: qualifying combination systems are eligible for a $1200 rebate. In addition, they will automatically qualify for the Two Upgrade Bonus of $300 through the Home Renovation Rebate, for a total amount of  $1500
Qualifying combination systems must be listed on ENERGY STAR and meet the following efficiency rating:

  1. ≥94% AFUE ENERGY STAR combination boiler systems
  2. ≥80% TPF P9 Tested Combo systems
Furnace and Boiler replacement program rebates:

  1. The boiler rebate is increasing from $500 to $1000.
New Home program updates

  1. In addition to rebates for combination heat and hot water systems, we now offer a $250 rebate on qualifying drain water heat recovery systems.
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Visit the rebate incentive search page:

We Offer Flexible Financing

Pay for your purchase at ServiceXCEL – Heating and Cooling (including Heat Pumps) in monthly installments.

Apply for financing up to $100,000. Find out if you pre-qualify in seconds. No obligation, no commitment.

Pre-qualification won’t affect your credit score. Options on some systems for 3-6 months at 0% with deferred payments!

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Referral form

Please Note: In order for referral bonus to be processed this form must be filled out before the installation begins. Only one referral per installation.