The benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Consider this:  Preventative Maintenance is the same as shining your shoes or flossing your teeth, or the bi-annual teeth cleaning at your dentist.  Annual (or biannual) servicing can prolong the life of your heating system. Regular maintenance will keep it functioning efficiently and save the cost of having to replace the system.

No heating system (whether it’s brand new, late-model or a few years old) is exempt from preventive maintenance because of how each heating/cooling system is used, the climate in your home and the weather conditions outside.

Our factory trained technicians job is not only to maintain your heating/cooling system at the recommended intervals but to help prolong the life of your system, increase its energy efficiency, cost-effectiveness and the comfort it provides.

What’s the secret to good preventative maintenance?  A clean system.  Regular filter changes are vital to the life of your system.  But there are numerous other components in your system.  Refrigerant levels, suction and discharge pressures, electrical boards and wiring, etc.  Our job is to ensure that these components are monitored and changed as recommended and required.  Dirty and contaminated components can lead to expensive and unnecessary repair bills if left uncorrected.

Last but not least, during the maintenance of your heating/cooling system our technicians will go through an extensive 16 point checklist for ductless systems and a 31 point checklist for ducted systems.

Five Star Service for your heating/cooling system is our goal.

Maintenance Packages

  • Heat Pump/AC maintenance
  • Heat Pump maintenance
  • Electric/Gas Furnace maintenance
  • HRV/ERV maintenance

Our Performance Tune UP covers a 31 point or 16 point checklist to ensure your heating/cooling system will be running at its peak efficiency, saving you money and giving you peace of mind extending the life of your equipment!

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