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When Is The Best Time for A Maintenance Checkup?

by | Jul 6, 2023

Our HVAC systems are vital to sustaining the smooth running of our homes and providing us with the feelings of comfort and contentment in our own personal spaces.  To do this, our systems need regular maintenance and inspections to keep them operating at peak efficiency. Without regular attention, system efficiency drops, energy costs rise, comfort goes down, and small, easily corrected problems go unnoticed until they explode as major catastrophes, costly repairs, and complete system failure.

Murphy’s Law states that “if anything can go wrong, it will; at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way”.  Here at ServiceXCEL, we believe that Mr Murphy must have been an HVAC repair technician. HVAC units almost never fail on pleasant days–they usually fail during heat waves, or blizzards, or…you get the idea.

Ask yourself when that last time your HVAC unit had a routine maintenance and inspection service done.  If, like many people, you can’t remember–it’s overdue. Don’t worry, you’re in good company. We regularly hear from people who don’t understand the necessity for regular HVAC service, and we’re happy to help address the problem.

A planned maintenance package from ServiceXCEL ensures that your expensive HVAC system will get the regular attention it needs to stay running in peak condition year round.  Having a highly-trained ServiceXCEL technician perform regular maintenance on your system offers the following benefits to you and your home:

– Consistent operation

Regular maintenance increases the chances that small problems with your HVAC unit will be detected and corrected before they grow into larger problems or complete system failure.  Even with the rapid response to calls that ServiceXCEL provides, your family can still be without heating or air conditioning for hours. Why risk suffering in the heat or freezing cold when regular maintenance can greatly reduce the possibility that this could happen to you?

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– Lower repair costs

Ignoring small problems won’t make them go away.  It only lets them grow, and grow, and grow into major problems.  In many cases, small problems found during regular maintenance inspections can be easily and inexpensively repaired.  Major HVAC system repairs can be expensive. Fixing small problems is almost always less expensive and more cost-effective than waiting until the need for major repairs or replacement develops.

– Lower energy costs

All mechanical systems develop small maladjustments over time, and your HVAC system is no exception.  During regular maintenance inspections, ServiceXCEL technicians perform comprehensive evaluations and make adjustments to bring your system back to peak operating parameters.  Our detailed 16-point (for ductless) and 31-point (for ducted systems) checklists ensure that your system operates at the most efficient level possible. Efficient, well-maintained systems use less energy, which lowers your energy bills.

Check your filters regularly

ServiceXCEL technicians will inspect and clean or replace your air filters during maintenance service, but we recommend that you inspect your filters yourself every two months.  Dirty, clogged filters need more energy to move air through them and can allow dirt, pollen, mold, and other particulates to circulate in your home. Cleaning or replacing filters as needed between maintenance inspections will ensure that your HVAC system circulates clean air with less energy.  Washable filters can be easily cleaned with water or baby wipes. Disposable filters are generally inexpensive and are easily replaced when they become covered by dust, hairs, and particulates.

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Clean filters also improve the air quality in your home.  Indoor air pollution is a common problem, and dirty filters are the most common cause of this.  With extremely dirty filters, the air quality inside your home can be significantly worse than the outside air!  Families with small children, the elderly, or residents with lung conditions like asthma or emphysema need special attention to air filters to prevent illness or breathing problems in these populations.

Ask your ServiceXCEL technician about our duct cleaning and sealing services.  Poorly sealed ducts allow conditioned air to escape into your home’s attic or crawl spaces which wastes money.  Even with clean air filters, dust, dirt, mold, pollen, pet dander and bacteria can build up in your home’s ductwork, causing further problems with indoor air quality and difficulties for those who are prone to allergies or respiratory difficulties.

A smooth-running HVAC system ensures that your home is cool in summer and warm in winter. Why risk hours of discomfort while your ServiceXCEL technician makes emergency repairs or illness from high levels of indoor air pollution?  Check your air filters every other month, and call ServiceXCEL today to set up regular maintenance inspections. You’ll enjoy year-round comfort, lower energy bills, and save money in lower repair bills over the life of your HVAC unit.  And, feel secure that if your HVAC system does need repairs, an expert ServiceXCEL technician is just a phone call or email away.